Secudrive USBs have the AES 256-bit crypto chip and the Trend Micro’s USB anti-virus vaccine installed in the USB drive, giving the user the utmost security for USBs. Especially, Office and CAD series provide copy-protection and remote management feature together with Secudrive USB management software.

Our USBs have:

Added powerful security functions to the convenient features of a removable disk.
Lineup of various products for personal to enterprise use. (Basic/Office/CAD versions)
Leak-proofed USB using powerful dual hardware and software encryption.
Remotely managed and monitored from administrator server.
What sets Secudrive USBs apart from other USBs

Hardware Encryption

Secudrive USB drives are equipped with AES-256 hardware crypto-chips. H/W encryption provides superior protection since the encryption key is stored within the chip itself. Also, higher compatibility is achieved since it does not require administrator rights to install encryption drive or other software on PC. Encrypted data cannot be read even if the memory chip was disassembled and planted into a different USB drive.

TMUSB 2.1 Equipped

Trend Micro USB Security™ 2.1 is automatically activated when the USB drive is logged in and runs a real-time virus scanner every time a file is read or written to the USB drive. If an infected file is found, it is quarantined and the user is alerted of the infection with a popup message. Virus pattern files are downloaded from the Internet and always kept up-to-date.

Password Protection

A password has to be entered to access the data on the USB drive. After a set amount of consecutive incorrect password attempts, the USB drive is either locked down or the data is completely erased to prevent data leakage.

Data Leakage Prevention – Office & CAD

Files stored in the Secudrive secure USB cannot be copied out to local PC or external hard drive.
Files stored in the Secudrive secure USB cannot be transferred through network, email, messenger, etc.
Printing function of files stored in Secudrive USB can be blocked or is allowed with watermarking.
Screen capture function of files stored in secure USB can be totally blocked.
USB drive event and file activities can be logged for future inspection.
Whitelist: registered application programs allowed to access the USB drive
Centralised Management – USB+, Office+ & CAD+

As the number of standalone products increases, the workload of the administrator increases as well. With the integrated management function, length of passwords, USB use term, data leakage control and security policies can be managed with templates. USB Management Tool UMT and USB Management Server UMS work with Secudrive USB Plus line-up USB+, Office+ and CAD+.


Local Management Tool, UMT

Locally set and modify security policies for 8 USB drives at a time.


Remote Management Server, UMS

Remotely set and modify security policies for thousands of USB drives.