• Deter Information Leaks from Printed Files
  • Trace and Track Printing Activities on Any Printer
  • FSP adds a watermark and the ability to trace information disclosure through printouts

The threat of information being leaked through printouts is more real than ever as organisations share sensitive product designs, customer information, and financial documents.

Fasoo increases the security of printing by helping to deter leaks of sensitive information from printouts. Each secure printout contains a watermark that can reveal the source of the printed document and can even capture an image of the actual printout for reference when auditing the source of a leak. Not only will this raise awareness of printing sensitive information, but can also reduce unnecessary expenses for excessive and unwarranted printing.

Not only can Fasoo provide print security solutions to deter leaks through printouts, but also provide diverse security and management solutions for files downloaded from your repository, mobile devices, documents created on a PC, and more.