How secure is your File Server / Cloud?

File servers and the cloud have been widely used for gathering and sharing important projects and corporate data in work groups. But exactly how secure are your file servers? Physical separation and encryption are certainly important to prevent outsider attacks. But organisations need something more…

Existing problems

  • What would happen if your users accidentally copied confidential data over to their personal laptops or outside?
  • What is preventing partners, contractors, auditors and temporary file server users from stealing your corporate data?
  • What if your employee accidentally deletes or edits a must-keep file?
  • When an employee leaves the company, work data may not be properly taken over, leaked or lost.
  • If you want to install other file server security solutions, are you willing to reregister all of your users?
  • Data within private PCs are prone to leakage through messengers, email attachments and use of USBs.
  • When under attack by a ransomware, you will be unable to open your files, meaning loss of information.
  • There is a risk of information leakage when depending on Email, messenger, and cloud for file sharing.

With File Server Security
  • All file exports will be backed up in the server, leaving logs for future inspection.
  • Tasks within the server is the same as it does in Windows File Explorer.
  • File copy, print, screen capture and network transfer is restricted in the file server.
  • Highly economical in the sense that installing the software to the existing Windows server will instantly convert it into a secure file server.
  • Implement Windows server, thus provide outstanding file I/O performance in a Windows PC environment.
  • Support Windows Active Directory, DFS environments, therefore can be used in massive systems with thousands of users.
  • Monitor users’ file and task activities real-time and save to log.