• Prevent and Deter Security Breaches Through Your Screen
  • Shield Your Screen from Capture Tools and Cameras
  • FSS protects sensitive information displayed on your screen

Screen capture tools and the proliferation of high-quality digital cameras and smartphones make it easy for anyone to capture sensitive information displayed on a computer screen. With nothing preventing it, the likelihood of a major data breach from capturing this information is increasing. Some companies limit the possession of these devices, but it makes life inconvenient for employees.

FSS blocks efforts to capture what is on the screen and provides specific information through a watermark that shows the screen’s location. Both of these security measures help to secure your screen from unwanted exposure to competitors and other unauthorised people.

When used together with Fasoo DRM, you can create a tight security environment to prevent sensitive information from leaking to the public. Not only can Fasoo provide security solutions for sensitive information displayed on your screen, but also diverse security and management solutions for files downloaded from a repository, for printouts, mobile devices, documents created on a PC, sensitive files sent to external people and more.