Lock down the doorways to your data.
Secudrive Device Control surveils all devices connected to the PC. It sets each external memory devices’ access authorisation to ‘access granted,’ ‘blocked,’ and ‘read-only,’ and prevents internal information from being leaked out.

Ports and peripherals can be seen as the doorways to corporate machines and, ultimately, to corporate data. Just as doors have locks to keep intruders out, ports and peripherals for corporate machines should be handled in the same way. Otherwise, random devices can access and steal corporate information.

Existing problems

  • If you are not blocking ports, you are essentially allowing random USB devices access to your corporate computer and data.
  • Are you currently using a DLP solution that does not allow for offline computer use, ultimately impeding workflow on business trips?
  • Smartphones have a multitude of connection types. Are you prohibiting all types of smartphone connections on corporate machines?
Our Resolution

  • Prohibit Unauthorised Devices: Blacklist foreign devices and whitelist specific USB devices. Block/allow all other ports. It can prohibit the use of USB memory, smartphones, and external hard drives, brought in from the outside.
  • Separate Policies: Separated online and offline policies available for users in order to allow for more flexible security.
  • Track Activity: Detailed logging and real-time monitoring for user, manager, and file activity.
  • Smartphone Blocking: Multiple connection blocking options available for smartphones.
  • Track Device Usage: Detailed logging of all user device activity.
  • Allow only manager predesignated PC and USB drives to be used.
  • Allow access to manager pre-approved wireless access points only.
  • Restrict use of network from outside, and allow access to company VPN only.

Advantages of Secudrive Device Control Solution

Real-time USB Drive Monitoring
A USB drive connected to the PC is surveilled real-time and all file activity logs are monitored. Logs on rename, delete, read, write, move, create, copy, cut, paste activities are able to be collected.

File Export/Keyword Scan
Only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF format files can be allowed to be exported, and files with specific keywords can be restricted from being exported. Also, all exported files are automatically backed-up for later inspection.

On / Offline Policy Settings
Policy for online use within the management server and use outside, where connection the server is inaccessible, can be each set respectively. This function can be implemented to restrict outside use of laptops and make connection to VPN compulsory.


Secudrive Device Control - Two Versions

device control ent

Device Control Enterprise

Media Control Agent program for user PC installation and management program for security managers are provided. Security policy is managed via consolidated Manager program and USB activity logs can be collected from user PCs.

Management Media Control Program

  • Control for variety of devices
  • Media use/file activity log collection
  • Consolidated management
  • Remote installation
  • File export and keyword surveillance
  • Compulsory VPN connection
  • PC carry-out restriction
  • Offline policy
  • USB temporary use request/approval

device control basic

Device Control Basic

This program is installed with the provided installation USB drive. All USB activity logs on an user PC can be collected. Since it is an independent program, it does not require a management server.

Independent Media Control Program

  • Control for variety of devices
  • Media use/file activity log collection