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Is your Data valuable to you?

In this day and age, protecting information and data has become so paramount to every business. However, securing or protecting this data can be a big challenge especially from within as employees usually have access to this data, information and trade secrets in the course of carrying out their work. So how can you securely protect your business from data leakages without compromising employees freedom to work?
Reach out to BlackWall Solutions Limited. We are a company that has the safety of your data security at heart. We aim to protect and safeguard rather than help recover after the security breach or harm has been done.
BlackWall Solutions Limited has a long tradition of excellence, hard work, and a can-do attitude when providing data security products and services within the financial, engineering, health, government, manufacturing and transport sectors just to name a few.
We have solutions for most type of organisations right from the one-man business to very large enterprises who are keen to protect their data. We specialise in supplying, implementing and supporting DLP and  EDRM solutions within Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our expert personnel are readily available to both consult and deploy the very best data security solutions into your organisation so as to allow your employees to work within a secure data driven environment.
BlackWall Solutions is also a pace setter in the development and integration of IBDataCap, Microsoft SharePoint and PCI Compliance solutions for organisations who want to redact or hide and protect sensitive data including payment cards of their clients.

Fasoo EDRM

File-Based Security

How secure are your files? What would happen to your business if a file with sensitive information were to leave your organization? Can you afford not to have the best protection solutions? Fasoo Enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) protects the file itself to provide a more secure work environment.
Fasoo Enterprise DRM is a file-based security solution that prevents the exposure of sensitive and confidential files by trusted insiders, business partners, customers and unauthorized people.

Mobile Security
More and more employees are using personal devices for work, regardless of their organization’s official BYOD policy. This is especially dangerous for businesses and their confidential data when considering that in 2013:
67% have admitted to using personal devices at work, regardless of the office’s official BYOD policy.
$7 million worth of phones had been lost everyday around the world.
50% of smartphone and tablet users have said that they don’t password protect their devices.
Fasoo Secure Print

Deter Information Leaks from Printed Files
Trace and Track Printing Activities on Any Printer
FSP adds a watermark and the ability to trace information disclosure through printouts
The threat of information being leaked through printouts is more real than ever as organizations share sensitive product designs, customer information, and financial documents.

SECUDRIVE Confidential Data Management

File Server Security

File Server security products prevent data from leakage through shared folders on your file server or NAS, providing a secure file sharing environment.

USB Security

SECUDRIVE USBs have the AES 256 bit crypto chip and the Trend Micro USB Security installed in the USB flash drive, giving the user the utmost security for USBs.

Device Control

SECUDRIVE Device Control allows the security administrator to be able to regulate access of every port such as Wi-Fi, Parallel/Serial, USB and Bluetooth.

Disk Erasure

SECUDRIVE Disk Erasure products, provide a manageable one-click solution to completely wipe multiple PCs simultaneously to prevent data recovery and leakage.

InfoWatch Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint Security
  • Automatic monitoring and diagnostics of weaknesses in both IT infrastructure and personnel performance
  • Application launch control
  • Instant data removal from desktops and mobiles devices
  • Centralized security policies for mobile devices
  • Control over staff access to external devices and files
  • Fast and reliable data encryption
  • Secure operation in cloud storages
  • Green IT
Traffic Monitor

The new version of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise 5.0 allows security management to engage heads of business units (HR, legal, and marketing departments, top managers, etc. with tiered access for different user groups).

The application of tools for analyzing data protection and their transfer channels gives a comprehensive picture of information flows within the organization’s business processes and helps identify similar paths for transferring confidential information and prevents access to it by unauthorized persons. It also reveals collusion, disloyal employees and intruders.

Attack Killer

InfoWatch Attack Killer is a Continuous Security product leveraging the best-of-breed technologies designed to protect against a variety of targeted attack types. The synergy of unique self-learning technologies by InfoWatch Attack Killer protects organizations against the majority of targeted attack types aimed at compromising sensitive data or stealing money. Continuous monitoring of the protected company’s IT systems allows Targeted Attack Detector, an InfoWatch Attack Killer module, to identify anomalies in software implemented in the company’s infrastructure before the InfoWatch solution was put into operation.

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Enterprise DRM is an essential security infrastructure component for every enterprise application system as mobile and cloud computing diversify and expand the enterprise IT environment.
Organizations can safely share confidential documents internally and externally, freeing themselves of any concern about unintended information loss.
Get Intensely Secure!


IBM DataCap

IBM® Datacap extracts information from document images for use in enterprise content management (ECM) and line-of-business systems.

Datacap operates as a universal capture portal that transforms various forms of documents entering your organization through multiple channels – mobile, multifunction peripherals (MFPs), e-mail and fax.

IBM Datacap can help significantly reduce labor and paper costs, deliver meaningful information for better, faster decision making and improve the responsiveness of customer service.

PCI Compliance

Our PCI Compliance Solution enables customers to automatically redact all credit card information from documents, without destroying the rest of the document.
There is no limitation on the number of documents that can be processed. Typically the solution is used on existing archives of information, but it can also be used as part of a live scanning operation. We also offer a suite of solutions designed to de-risk/de-scope a contact centre environment from requirements of PCI DSS. This allows callers to enter payment card details using their telephone keypad whether in conversation with an agent or fully automated through IVR. 

MS SharePoint

BlackWall Solutions Limited delivers a wide range of business on SharePoint services. We understand the requirement, identify the need and provide consultation for the specific business requirement. We have an experienced, proficient, capable, consulting team on SharePoint Platform which includes a highly skilled team of developers, architects who can perfectly integrate any application for any business. We serve in setting up Intranet, Extranet and Enterprise Internet Portals to accomplish a collective & collaborative work, better document management, flawless data synchronization with other Enterprise applications for amplified business scalability.



4 Actions to Prevent Ransomware Using a File Server in SMBs

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) cannot be exempt from ransomware attacks. However, they cannot afford to follow the general recommendations to prevent ransomware attack due to lack of budget and human resources. While big enterprises have their own dedicated IT security teams, SMBs are mostly defenseless to ransomware attacks. However, we suggest the following four actions to easily prevent ransomware using a file server in SMB.


What our customers say
  • Our internal Design team frequently creates CAD drawings and sends them to a third party for production. We take a laptop with the drawings to the production company and deliver them in person because we are afraid someone may leak these sensitive files to competitors. This helps prevent information from leaking, but there is still the issue of laptops being lost or stolen, and how to prevent someone else from accessing them. Now with Fasoo’s solution we are not concerned that sensitive CAD drawings will be lost or stolen and get into the wrong hands. Since the files are secured when saving them, we are confident about the security of our work, even if these files are exposed deliberately or by mistake to competitors.

    Heavy Industrial Machinery Corporation Design Leader
    Design Leader
    Heavy Industrial Machinery Corporation Design Leader
  • Our company shares sensitive research information and company assets stored in an information system and patent application system. Due to the sensitive nature of these files, it is extremely important that we prevent exposing this information to our competitors, as we will suffer heavy financial losses. We needed a security solution that could limit certain department’s access to specific files. For example, only allowing research departments access, and restricting access to the management support, planning, and other departments. With the addition of Fasoo’s solution we didn’t have to worry about information leaking and getting into the wrong hands.

    Research Institute IT Security Manager
    IT Security Manager
    Research Institute IT Security Manager
  • As part of the planning team at a steel firm, we print a lot of architectural CAD drawings to discuss and share ideas during internal meetings until the final design is developed. Although we collect all the printed materials after our meetings, we are still nervous that some of these printouts will be leaked to the client before it is finalized, or that these printouts are accidently lost and end up in the wrong hands. After integrating the Fasoo printing solution, we can now track who prints specific files, which increases attention on security of these printouts. We have also decreased unnecessary printing. All in all, this has deterred the chance of information being leaked intentionally or accidently by one of our employees.

    Steel Firm Planning Team Manager
    Team Manager
    Steel Firm Planning Team Manager
  • Our company has various business affiliates including construction, raw material, and steel. We have already implemented Fasoo’s solution at our subsidiaries to protect files created within our organization. When we receive orders from construction firms, we need to cooperate with our steel affiliate so it can deliver the necessary materials. We needed to protect our information when sharing between our affiliates because there is a high risk that sensitive information could be exposed to the wrong people. After applying the Fasoo security solution to files sent outside of the company, sharing and cooperation is more prevalent and secure between subsidiaries. Business efficiency has increased along with positive feedback from all affiliates.

    Group Data Processing Team Leader
    Team Leader
    Group Data Processing Team Leader